Saturday, 20 March 2021

No Pétanque meantime

Announcement from The LPA Committee

Firstly we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all, given the current circumstances, as good a new year as you can have in this pandemic - and hopefully with the roll out of the vaccine things can gradually get back to some sort of normality

We hope you all appreciate that, as an Association which administers the running of the Summer League, Presidents Cup, Woolwich Trophy and Winter League, we have a duty of care to our members and therefore we have made sure that we have been vigilant in keeping up to date with all developments where Covid and its Infection rate have been concerned, also taking into account what the government and our National Governing Body Pétanque England mandate and advise

Pétanque England are looking to restart playing in May, subject to all criteria being on track, which will hopefully bring us out of lockdown around 21/06/2021. But as of yet no clear and concise information has been offered other than to say the proposed 4 stages of easing need to go smoothly by this date and data that supports the decision to ease restrictions

Thank you for all your feedback on piste availability

As mentioned previously we have a duty of care to you all which is why we have taken the decision not to resume play until 2022. And our reasoning behind this decision is:-

1 The hospitality sector has lost a lot an awful lot of money and some venues have had to close. Most of the Clubs in the Summer league operate from pub based venues and for them to reopen, hopefully claw some revenue back and satisfy social distancing measures, the majority of the venues are potentially looking at putting tables and benches onto established terrains so that they can kick-start their businesses. So we think that you will find that Pétanque areas and the reserving of them will not feature highly among their priorities and that this will only be reviewed once business has had a chance to establish itself to accommodate us There are also venues which have chosen not to open until the end of May

2 By placing the season on hold for another year it will give all concerned and the population of this country the chance to have received both doses of the vaccine which should restore our ability to mix in social circles even if we still have to abide by certain guidelines

We can appreciate that you want to get back to playing as soon as is possibly allowed but we have already lost Pétanque players to this virus and we do not want to lose any more which is why we have come to this decision

We would encourage you to use your venues socially as much as possible for the next year to keep in touch with them

For all the teams which rolled over their summer league fee from 2020, this will carry over to next year

Please do your best to stay safe and we shall, with all circumstances being favourable, see you all for the 2022 Season

Leicestershire Pétanque Association

Sunday, 14 February 2021